Evening Snacking

I know the 101 of proper nutrition. My diet contains lots of fruit/vegetables, grains and some protein.  I am watching my calcium intake and for the most part avoid processed junk.  I don’t skip breakfast or starve myself throughout the day only to pig out in the evening.  Problem is, come 8:00pm I am on the hunt for something sweet.  If there is no chocolate in the house, I’ll find some.

This is closely related to gaining weight when I am stressed.  I always loose weight when on holidays.  In the evening after a day at work and the witching hour with the children, I feel like I deserve to coat my nerves with sweet goop.
One tactic that has been successful in the past is to replace the hunt for chocolate with another routine, like drinking tea.  Going to bed early also helps, but really is not feasible as I often work until at least 10:00pm.


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Revealing it all

Today is the first day of the rest of my life… Time to get serious losing the extra weight I am carrying around. I have been procrastinating on posting this because I planned to make this blog perfect, set up the categories, text and RSS widgets, set the stage with back ground info.

2006-03-21.jpgWell, it might not happen any time soon, so here is a first photo of “as is” at 70.6kg which translates into a Body Mass Index of 25.3. Over 25 is considered overweight. So I am just above the limit. I am a numbers person, but apart from not making the “official cut-off” for normal weight, more importantly, I don’t feel I am at optimal weight. My joints hurt and I have a couple of chronic injuries that are exaberated by the extra weight.

My medium term weight goal is 65kg, which put me at a BMI of 23.3. At a slow weight loss of 0.5kg per week that should take 11 weeks. Target date thus is 9 May.
Long term weight loss goal is 60kg for a BMI of 21.5.

60kg is where I feel trim and beautiful. I always struggled keeping my weight in check and seemed to gain weight just by looking at food. I weight 60kg before my children were born. Weight probably fluctuated since Highschool anywhere between 58kg to 65kg.

I am physically fit, always have been. Moving in the great outdoors always has been a big part of my life. Trouble is, it seems excercise does not translate into weight loss. In contrary, I loose when I work out less…probably because I am less hungry. I am an admitted foodie. I love all food, hardly have any dislikes or digestive problems. My diet is healthy and balanced, with lots of fruits, nuts and vegetables, complex carbohydrates, some meat, fish, chicken and tofu. Big problem is my addiction to chocolate and after dinner snacking.

As for documenting this journey. As mentioned, I am a numbers person and weigh meyself everyday. I will however only post weight and photo once a week.
So, there you have it. It’s all out in the open.

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